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Nehru Centre Library Mumbai and MomSays present A Book I Wrote – 2023.

‘A Book I Wrote’ is an annual initiative of Nehru Centre Library and MomSays to encourage children to write, and give them a sense of accomplishment by creating a beautifully designed book with their poems and stories. These books are a testament to the fact that children have the ability to ‘author’ their ideas.
The book comprises winning poems and short stories written by children between 6–11 years as part of Nehru Centre Library and MomSays’ inter-school Children’s Day writing competition.

A Book I Wrote – 2023 Theme

India’s rich cultural diversity is best represented in our festivals.

Each festival brings joy to families and communities, and colours India in its vibrant hues.

Children love and enjoy every aspect of our festivals, while also learning the essential values of the varied festivals.

This year's theme for A Book I Wrote - 2023 is Festivals of India.

We encourage children to get creative and write a poem or a short story about this theme, even exploring festivals that are new to them.

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Felicitation of the children and launch of A Book I Wrote.

Winner 2017
Winner 2019
Co Author

Videos of book reading by winning participants

Aadya Tyagi

The Cathedral and John Connon School

Jinaya Gandhi

Bai Avabai Framji Petit Girls High School

Jiyaan Jatania

Gopi Birla Memorial School