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The Idea

The journey of MomSays began when Ambika Tiku Hathiari, searching for a book for her daughter’s playschool reading list, ended up creating one. Such was the joy of creating the book that was established in 2015.

In fact, MomSays is a culmination of Ambika’s learning from her extensive corporate career and those that come with motherhood. Over the many moons, MomSays has become the definitive online platform for authors, parents and teachers to create beautiful books for children.

What We Offer

We provide the entire range of book publishing services, such as editing, printing, securing an ISBN code, as well as participating in select events and undertaking promotions to provide visibility to our authors. Also, via our bookstore, we ensure an easy and enjoyable sales process.

All this while ensuring higher revenue for our authors. That said, our books are unique. MomSays curates all books that can be self-published to ensure quality content for young minds.

Quality Content

Books can also be created for personal use, wherein we follow the same high standards of quality, as is the case with a published book. Indeed, personal books are a memory for life, and strengthens the bonds between children and grandparents, mothers, and fathers during their formative years through personalised and unique stories. The many events have shown us the joy children experience when listening to a story by an author, or the excitement a child feels seeing a book created by their father.

We strive to give a platform to children as well. True to our values of engaging with children in a meaningful manner, ‘A book I wrote’ contest was launched to give a platform to children to express themselves through their stories and poems. And so, our journey to creating quality content for children continues…

About Our Team

Ambika Tiku Hathiari

Founder & CEO

Mustafa Hathiari

Consultant, Editorial

Monisha Sathe

Consultant, Creative

Satya Shetty

Advisor, Technology