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MomSays over the years has brought to life stories written by parents wishing to enrich their child's formative years, authors wanting to see their passion reach fruition, and educationists wanting to plant roots of learning. You can view these quality children's books in our bookstore. Whatever your need, the journey to making a high quality children's book is easy when you choose MomSays.

Our platform provides a one-stop solution for all publishing needs - high quality designs and illustrations, author services for ensuring your content meets the very best standards, quality printing, and opportunity to sell your books on our bookstore across print and digital formats. In fact, our self-publishing model of curated books enables you to directly reach customers.


You can also connect with us on: +91-77383-79069 to understand the process and iron out queries. We will follow up with you to understand your requirement, and guide you through the process of making your cherished book. Begin your journey by sending your manuscript to

So, get started!